Joe Yee Super Plunger Lure Pearl Head

Joe Yee Super Plunger All Pearl Head Very Vintage New

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This is a great example of a mid-1980s Joe Yee Super Plunger when sanding and shaping was done by hand. Most of these all pearl Joe Yee Super Plunger heads I have seen are exactly like this one with an elevated (higher on the nose) hole and flatter sides. A lathe was not used. Joe's SP mold had two different insert tube positions, either centered or higher on the nose (see bottom of pg. 15 and 116 in the book Joe Yee and His Lures). Very charming and collectable lure here. RARE!

There is no Joe Yee label on it as is typical of the single pour pearl Yee pearl heads. Skirted using orange sparkle vinyl outer and inner skirting with black Mold Craft Tuff Tails. A great collector piece that would be even greater fished.

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