Koya XXL Poi Dog Glass Mirror Insert Chartreuse Tint with Vinyl Skirting

Regular price $344.00 $318.95 Sale

New for Koya Lures is an astonishing piece of lure art that is already proving to bring big marlin to the boat. At 28 oz, this lure is an extra larger teaser size that is being used with and without hooks.  We consider it a must have corner bait for targeting big marlin and trolling in big fish marlin tournaments. To make these behemoths a lot of insert material, resin and polishing is required and as such the price reflects this effort and cost of materials.

This one has a brilliant chartreuse resin head and slab glass mirror inserts with blue sparkle outer and chartreuse Tuff Tails inner for skirting. These are a very impressive, explosive trolling lures for the short corner and are proving to be marlin magnets for teasing bait and switch.

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