Koya Lures 12" 4-Jetted Bullet Black Beauty in Sexy Squid Skirting

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The Koya Lures 12" 4-Hole Jetted Bullet is a big fish killer!  Ideal in the long position for big Ahi/Tuna, Marlin and wahoo (Ono). This incredibly attractive lure head is a Black Beauty version with white Mother-of-Pearl shell laminate. With heavy weighting and 4-hole jets it will leave an incredible bubble trail. The shape of this bullet lends itself well to any trolling position but as previously stated we like it long corner, long rigger or even stinger line when hunting dragons. A great option and perfectly tapered for high speed trolling for Ono (wahoo) and marlin.

We skirted this beauty with a custom Cousins premium skirts in black-brown-orange-clear pearl outer and orange-pink inner which gives a nearly perfect hot squid imitation. Set the drag and hang on!

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