Joe Yee 501 Double Pour Vintage Used

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This is a classic Joe Yee 501 lure with blue top and reflective tape insert. It is labeled on the bottom and was purchased new from Melton Tackle and is lightly used. There two very small bill marks on it, you probably can't see them in the photos as the lure looks new. The resin is crystal clear and the eyes extra large. Skirted in gay Bob using premium skirts. This arrangement gets eaten all over the world.

The Joe Yee 501 has the unique ability to appear to accelerate away from Billfish. This swimming action closely simulates a Tuna attempting to escape a predator. If fishing for multiple Marlin species, the 501 is top choice as the one large lure in your pattern. Excellent rough water lure. 

This would make a great collector piece or use in hunting big marlin.

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