Coggin Tado Salt and Pepper with Vinyl Skirting

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Steve Coggin has done it again with this spectacular custom made 16" Tado big game marlin trolling lure in blue and black with crushed shell salt n pepper head. Skirted in vinyl. This lure has been responsible for countless grander marlin and is a must have bait on the corner when targeting larger blue and black marlin. Voted one of the 10 best marlin lures year after year by Marlin Magazine. This particular color combination is a deadly tuna colored bait effective wherever big marlin can be found. Features beautiful shell inserts and brass cross-flow jet holes.

Pull the Tado as a teaser or use with a hookset. Run it on the corner pinned down or long corner. It is Not too big...200 lb blues will nail it all day long. But importantly, if you are targeting big black and blue marlin then run big baits. Elephants do eat peanuts but only when they are desperate or being hand fed. Big marlin will not exert excessive energy to each a French Fry. Run Big Baits! This lure is smaller than your average skippy.

Size: XXL

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