Steve Coggin COPA Lures

Steve Coggin is the master lure maker of Coggin Lures, also known as COPA Lures. Coggin Lures are all handmade one by one in very much the Hawaiian lure making tradition. Each lure insert made by Steve Coggin is example of an extreme amount of effort to create lure art that gets bit. The lures usually have slab shell inserts or dichroic glass inserts, hand made resin eyes and up to three different resin color pours. Each is hand sanded and noses cut one at a time, so every lures is truly unique. For these reasons top captains around the world highly prize a Coggin lure.

Steve started making lures in the 1970s in Hawaii and he has been copied by Joe Yee, Bart Miller (Black Bart lures), and many others. He is one of the second-generation lure pioneers that helped bring lure making to what it is today. Steve's brand is well known all around the world as a maker of premier trolling lures with countless tournament winnings using his lures.

Coggins lures have accounted for numerous grander marlin as well as giant tunas, wahoo and Mahi Mahi. As Steve Coggin has been making lures for over 40 years now I advise al my clients to buy them up while you can as the day may be coming when no more may be available.


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